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Who We Serve

The Versatility of an End-to-End Technology Production Partner

Cadnetics serves every stakeholder of the AEC community. We understand the challenges you face in the industry and have designed our services to fill common gaps in your team or in your knowledge, giving you the freedom to pursue more projects without having to divert your focus from your specialty to finding, training, and managing a new in-house expert.


We have worked with architects for over 20 years, and our four core services—measure, draft, model, visualize—serve their needs. Our staff, working on-site with your team or remotely, gives you a powerful production pipeline, freeing you to focus on your clients and your drawings.


Invent, design, build, and improve—This is where engineers excel. Our engineering clients count on us to simplify their workflows and rely on our team of CAD/BIM specialists to handle all types of building documentation, trusting in both our construction knowledge and our CAD/BIM experience.


Some of the nation’s largest retailers rely on Cadnetics. Our ability to take exact measurements on site, anywhere in the world, and our expertise in creating models and construction documents means that we can impact a project from start to finish, from merchandising to construction.

Oil and Gas Companies

Detailed documentation of a job site and its equipment is a unique asset for industries that depend on maximizing uptime and efficiency. Our CAD/BIM specialists give the oil and gas industry a powerful way of managing their projects and keeping up with the needs of their installations.

Facility Managers

More industries—from education to manufacturing—are recognizing the important role that facility managers play. With the support of CAD/BIM services, facility managers can more accurately track maintenance needs and rapidly plan for worksite changes big and small.

Construction Contractors

Contractors and subcontractors view Cadnetics as a technology partner. The varying needs of projects can make it difficult for contractors to keep all of the tools and expertise they might need in-house. We provide the solutions and support they need, when they need it, freeing them to bid on more projects.

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