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The debate of Computer-Aided Design vs. Building Information Modeling has been happening since the word BIM came into fruition. But what does all this jargon mean? We are basically in...

Let’s Talk 3D Scanner

Faro 3D X 330: A Laser Scanner With Over 1000 Feet of Scanning Capabilities AEC Firms looking to learn more about laser scanning? Learn more about one of the Faro...

The Faro S70 Laser Scanner

Faro S70 Laser Scanner Review and How to Get Your Hands On One Today Attention: All BIM Laser Scanning Beginners Is the Faro S70 Laser Scanner right for me? This is...

Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner & Why We Use It

An Overview of an AMAZING product and how you will benefit from its use. The Leica BLK360 is one of the most remarkable 3D laser scanners on the market. Some people have yet to discover 3D laser scanners, while others are...

A Day in the Life of Contractors & How 3D Laser Scanning Makes it Easier!

It’s 4:30AM and the day is just getting started. Welcome to the life of a General Contractor. Depending on your experience, your success, and your organization, many events take place in...

Contractors Benefiting from 3D Laser Scanning

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, has many moving parts. BIM is a process and not any single phenomenon. BIM is an improvement of processes used throughout the Building Life Cycle,...