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Welcome to the World of 3D LASER SCANNING

Any architect, contractor and engineer can save time and headache by using our 3D scanning service, because the scanners quickly & accurately detail and document a space to get a virtual instance of any structure. 3D laser scanning is a high definition-surveying tool for construction, design, facility management and structural & mechanical engineering.  This is a

AEC Education Series — what is Building Information Modeling?

This is the first of a series of AEC industry educational articles Cadnetics is sponsoring. We hope you learn something, and we’d love your feedback on future topics you’d like to see! Today, we are starting with the basics — what is Building Information Modeling, also known as BIM? We hope by the end of

The Cadnetics Story – From humble beginnings to national brand

From the Desk of Jim Mauler, Cadnetics Founder & CEO It all started back when I got my first architectural job, working for JSA Architects. They had one of the first CAD systems running one of the first versions of Autocad and needed someone to learn it. I volunteered and took an 8 week course