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Convert Masses into Buildings in Revit

In our previous post, we introduced you to the fundamentals of conceptual mass modeling in Revit.  This is an important topic, especially for architects who have been using SketchUp for...

The FREE add-in every Revit user must have

There is no doubt that Revit is a powerful tool for communicating architectural, structural, and MEP design.  However, even expert modelers have wish lists for features we’d like to see...

Lighting in Revit®: MEP vs. Architectural

If you have ever explored within Revit®, you may have noticed that there are two seemingly different paths to inserting lighting components into a model.  First, in the Imperial Library,...

The Best SketchUp Alternative for Conceptual Design

Beginning on November 4, 2020, SketchUp will no longer offer its Classic Perpetual License with Maintenance and Support.  Instead, SketchUp users are invited to begin a yearly subscription to SketchUp...

How to Use Design Options in Revit

You or someone you know is currently creating a separate Revit file to show a possible option for a building design.  They may even have multiple separate files for varying options.  That’s...

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