Assess U

  • Want to know where your skills stack up in an Autodesk program?
  • Would you like an easy way to assess new hires before making an offer?
  • Do you need an Autodesk Certification prep exam?

Assess U offers software skills assessments for you, your team, or potential new hires.

It's testing made for what you do by the people who use the software every day.

Here's what's included:


For teams or individuals

Analyze your skills or rate your entire team.


Exams for over 50 Autodesk programs

Test your knowledge on any one of over 50 Autodesk products or blend several programs together for a comprehensive exam of how you work.


Pre-hire assessments

Choose a role-based assessment to test what your candidates need to know for the position.


Autodesk Certification prep exams

See if you’re on the right track for certification with our goal-based assessments.


Comprehensive reporting

Each assessment comes with a report showing you, your team, or your new hire their strengths and areas for improvement.


Fill learning gaps efficiently

Our experts will review your results and recommend a solution to fill in the gaps.


All skill levels

Assessments are available for beginners and experienced users alike!

Ready to get started?

Book a FREE consultation call with one of our team members, and we’ll help you find the right fit.

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